Now isn’t this a pretty sight?

bulletin.jpgNow isn’t this a pretty sight?
: Here’s the first issue of the Baghdad Bulletin, a not-quite-weekly English-language newspaper in Iraq put out by a small group of entrepreneurs and locals.

Already, I’m seeing reporting there I’ve been wanting to see from western sources. For example, I’ve been waiting for someone to explain why restoring power has been a problem when in this war (vs. 1991), the power stations were not bombed. Here’s a comprehensive report that explains just what’s happening.

The circulation in Baghdad:

Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority – 600

NGOs, including USAID – 300

Embassies – 100

Hotels – 1000

Iraqi English speaking neighbourhoods – 2000

Businesses direct – 300

Private universities/ hospitals – 100

Supermarkets/ shops – 500

Sold through newsagents – 1000

It’s a start.

I’ll suggest writing a story about how to start a weblog.