Liberal 3.0

Liberal 3.0
: I’ve been trying to figure out a new label for myself. I still know I’m liberal (human rights… the need for regulation… health care… you know the drill). But I don’t much like my fellow liberals these days — the ones who are getting PR — and what they’ve done to liberalism (politically correct orthodoxy… an absence of support for human rights in Iraq and Iran… support for Palestinian terrorism… you know that drill, too). I’m not conservative. I’m not libertarian. I’m a man without a label. Some in my boat would try to say that we’re classic liberals before liberals ruined liberalism. But I don’t think so. I think there’s a new practicality and realism to this school of liberal politics and also a new openness (yes, I can support the war without voting for Bush). So I’ll argue that this is a new generation. It’s not neolib or postlib (already some weird definitions to those labels). It’s liberal 3.0 because, just like Microsoft, it takes three tries to get it right.

Now go read Roger L. Simon, who has been arguing that the old labels don’t work anymore and here’s why:

What has replaced it is a kind of moving consensus, which may, in its own way, be more democratic and is also highly pragmatic. For example, at the moment, the accepted view in the Blogosphere appears to be in favor of (to pick two disparate issues) intervention in Iraq and gay marriage. Is this liberal or conservative? More importantly, does anybody care?

  • I care in so much as I want people to know in a general way my beliefs. Paul Wellstone had no problem calling himself a Democrat and a Libral. He did so with pride. And he did so as a means to begin debate. He was much more than what his self proclaimed labels described. Of course, we all are.
    Obviously, it’s not that other’s should put you under a label. It’s where you see yourself that counts. But more importantly, the labels that I give myself begins the process of sharing my philosophy, in getting to know me. It certainly does not describe all of me. Further more, not allowing me to have my self-annoited labels and you’ve effectively stated that you do not want to begin a dialog with me. If you don’t care about my label, then you don’t care about me.
    What every you decide for a label, Mr. Jarvas, it’s nothing more than the start of a dialog.

  • I go through this identity search daily. I’m libertarian on some issues, liberal on others, with a conservative streak here and there. I don’t identify with any political party, vote all over the map, and hate labels. ACK!

  • The Idler

    Funny thing, your quest for a new party flag to walk under- I find myself similarly adrift, yet coming from the right side of things….. I am if anything a Conservative. However, I find the GOP positions on many issues abhorrent. The Democrats are hardly a safe refuge, as they’ve been taken over by shrieking ideologues demanding lockstep obedience- which you pointed out.
    Think we’re both part of a growing mass of people disaffected by the misdeeds of their traditional parties- Clinton was smart enough to tap into it with his “3rd way” scheme, and Reagan made use of disgruntled Democrats by appealing to their patriotism in at least one election. Sadly, both times this unrepresented mass was used cynically by one or the other entrenched parasitic party.
    That being said, this mass (and I shall presume to put us both in said mass, though on different edges) is going to have to wake up and become a primary force in American Politics, as opposed to being used to perpetuate the self-enriching aims of the GOP and the DNC. The Greens tried it, the Reform party tried it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain went renegade and gave it another shot, if his health allowed it. I dunno, I’d be willing to throw myself into a viable third party, how about you?
    Believe it’s high time we all stood up with one voice and bravely shouted out “Swing vote THIS, pal!”

  • I can’t say whether you are persnally liberal, right-wing, r nutbar, but I would say _your Blog_ is pretty sqaurely a right-wing American blog.
    You may have very not rightie views on affirmative action, abortion, or phonics, but your blogs mostly deals with US foreign policy, and the way americans see the world.
    And you do your share of sneering at Europeans.
    But, again, this is only a description of your blog.