Movable Type PR crisis

Movable Type PR crisis
: Movable Type has a PR crisis brewing. Anil joined in the comments at Site-Essential but if you want my PR advice, when something starts brewing in the blog world, the best thing to do is go to your own site and explain things clearly: Open source the info.

  • joy

    I don’t think you mean “open source the info”, but instead “on your site, explain what hosting and support situations are verboten according to your license structure”.
    Now of course, to just add to the fray, I’m going to say I’m glad to see Six Apart trying to protect their product and variations of paid implementations of it. You go Six Apart!

  • Six Apart should definitely protect its business. And Anil is wise to join in comments on the site. I’m simply saying that the best thing to do is to be as informative and open as possible on the company’s own site so rumors do not spread. The market is a dialogue.

  • Kat responded immediately to MT’s concerns, changed her hosting site off the MT system, and has posted on said site, ,
    a VERY clear explanation of what she can or cannot do in regard to client use of MT. Apparently that has passed muster with MT, so all is proceeding with the hosting service.
    As to what’s on MT’s site, the ‘license’ texts are ambiguous in many places; enough so that lawyers would have a field day arguing from both sides!