Another life

Another life
: Blue Bird Escape — the weblog of a teenager Iranian-American girl who has just returned to visit Iran — continues to amaze me with its clear, heartfelt insight. Today’s entry:

Coming back home has made me look at things differently. It has given me a brighter and stronger view. I now understand why people want to get away. I now understand how different my life would have been if I had stayed. I can see that people have problems. I can see that they are not happy but they try to make the best out of it.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for pointing her website out. I agree. There’s an innocence and, how do I say it…a you can see the hope simmering below the surface…I guess. She’s a little reticent on the comments board, but readily replies via email and always as thoughtfully as she writes in the original message. I’ve been trying to draw her out because I, too, like reading her thoughts.
    Thanks for continuing to highlight her website. A breath of fresh air…