: Today the NY Times wrote about how blogs try to get traffic.

I tracked the traffic increase on a blog it mentions, one I know, versus my own traffic today, when I got generous links from Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds.

Bottom line: Reynolds and Sullivan caused a ten-times-greater increase in traffic than the NY Times.

  • Amazing, isn’t it–millions of Times readers, and perhaps 350 people went to my blog URL today. Think about the lousy conversion metric on that one.
    On the other hand, those are 310 people who probably would not have gone there without the article, so I have no personal complaints.
    But yes, you’re quite right.

  • cmonks

    I bet just as many people went to the NYT’s article from your link than went to the blogs publicized in the article itself.

  • the whole thing is rather bizarre I reckon…all it takes is one link to tip a person into being read by thousands…(maybe more!?!) – I find it sort of frightening because it means that the words you right at any given moment could be beamed into the minds of so many people at any time! I always worry that maybe the words I’m writing are half finished thoughts….what happens when its that half finished thought that is the one that gets picked up and linked to….hmmm…I think I had better go edit my latest posts…:-)
    nice post

  • Jahan

    I think the trafic also come from an Iranian website who did link to you yesterday : http://news.gooya.com/

  • Targeted “advertising”, of course — those reading Sullivan or Reynolds and following links are being sent to read specific entries, and the links at NYT are simply to the blogs, with perhaps a short description, but no “Look at this particular entry by Susan” with short excerpt, as you see on Instapundit et. al.
    As well, I would say that people who regularly read blogs are more likely to follow links than those who read NYT online. A large point of blogs is zipping around the Internet, finding neat stuff, responding to it, and sending people there (so they can judge for themselves) — we know all about Big Media’s (TM) interest in having people judge for themselves…