Will the rain never end?

Will the rain never end?
: Living in New York these days is like living in Seattle, without the stock options.

  • You are not alone. It seems like it has been raining forever here in Kentucky too.

  • There’s an unconfirmed report that a large wooden boat, three hundred cubits long and fifty cubits wide, is being constructed down in Coney Island.

  • I blame Global Warming. Or is it the coming Ice Age? I get so confused. Oh — I know! It’s all Hillary’s fault, that book of hers.

  • Here’s a good “did you know” for you Jeff.
    Average yearly rainfall in Seattle is 36.2 inches (92 cm), compared to…40.3 inches (102 cm) in New York City.
    This is the dirty little secret we like to keep quiet about in Seattle. Sshhhhh.

  • Katherine

    Todd! What are you doing?? Emmett Watson is turning over in his grave.

  • Ok, I’ve been (im)properly chastised, so I’ll admit the following. While we get less rainfall in terms of inches, we do have considerably more days of rain than NYC, 140 in Seattle vs. 120 in NYC. It’s constant drizzle; you’d hate it here! Is that better?

  • Poot

    I dunno Frankenstein, you’ll have a hard time convincing my to entrust my safety to ANY wooden structure at Coney Island, possibly even including the boardwalk…

  • Nine weeks of rain in Richmond, Jeff. Don’t even START talking to me about the NYC area.
    Hmph. I was there a few weeks ago. So was the sun. What are you complaining about?
    Seriously–are farmers are hurting. Last year drought, this year flooding, root-rot, and all the woes that come with too much water. Can’t we have a middle ground here? Please?

  • puce

    allah punish infidel.