Jerry Springer interview

Jerry Springer interview
: My blogging colleague, Joe Territo, a reporter by training, is using his weblog to get interviews with prominent figures. His latest: Jerry Springer, who’s set to run for the Senate from Ohio. Go to Joe’s blog and read it all. A few tidbits:

: On TV: “if you’re looking for television programs that really impact America negatively … that have destroyed a lot of peoples’ lives … don’t watch my show, watch C-Span when they cover what’s going on in Congress and in the halls of our Federal government. That’s where you’ll find the true obscenities.”

: Why he’s running: “…because I believe that our Federal government is largely being run by a bunch of elitists who almost always give the shaft to regular, every day people in this nation…. regular people simply don’t count in Washington … and I would make it my mission to turn that around. In fact, that’s the only conceivable motive I could have for running for political office. It’s not going to make me rich or famous. Because I got lucky, I’ve already got that. ”

: On education: “Everyone understands the importance of our National Defense. I think we also need to stress having a National Offense – by which I mean our minds. We certainly need to be searching for Osama Bin Laden – but we also need to find the next Thomas Edison, too because he or she will discover and develop the new products and industries that we haven’t even thought of yet.”

: On Jerry, the man: “Even people who don’t like me would probably concede that I’m an excellent communicator and that I can move people to action.”

: On Jerry’s character: “I really believe that I’d be one of the few politicians in Washington who couldn’t be bought – or even rented – and that I would have no agenda other than helping regular people and fighting for their interests.”

: On small favors: “I’d be the only Senator in Washington who wasn’t running for President. Because I was born in England, I’m not legally eligible for the office.”

Joe’s working hard on this new blog, doing some original reporting. Make the guy’s day. Give him a well-deserved link. And the next time somebody says blogs don’t have reporting, here’s another good example for the argument.

  • Tom

    I’m from Ohio. At one time Jerry Springer was my councilman and later, my Mayor. It’s likely that if Springer runs he would beat George “No Tax Refund for People who Don’t Pay Taxes” Voinovich (Or is that George “No more than a $350MM Over 10 Years Tax Cut” Voinovich?). There is no doubt that he is a good communicator. He is also a poster boy for the modern Democratic Party. He pimps poor uneducated people for his own power, wealth and political gain. I hope that bloggers like yourself don’t get too sidetracked by the fact that Springer gives weblogs “props” to realize that this guy is a charlatan who deserves close, Howell Raines like, scrutiny.

  • S.A. Smith

    Jerry Springer’s show is the worst thing the US could export to other countries–more destructive than chemical weapons. He has single-handedly decimated the image of this country in the eyes of many around the world. When Europeans call us fat and stupid, they are picturing the Jerry Springer Show. Now Springer wants to fuck us over directly. God I hope not.