Iran and its 10,000 Salam Paxes

Iran and its 10,000 Salam Paxes
: Drums are beating for something happening in Iran on July 9, when prodemocracy demonstrations are planned.

Andrew Sullivan calls for turning blogwide attention on Iran leading up to July 9. I’m all for that. He asks bloggers to make their own plans and send them to him.

My plan: I will continue to link to prominent bloggers from Iran who write in English and I suggest that you start doing the same. As our network of links widen, we will bring more of the world’s attention to these people, some of whom are reporting from the scene; they are Iran’s Salam Paxes. And as I’ve learned from doing this, we will also build bridges of communication and understanding (don’t worry, I won’t be cueing the Pete Seger music). That is our greatest power, our only power and their only power: the power of our links.

: So here is my latest list of Iranian webloggers:

> Lady Sun is a student who reports directly from Tehran. Her writing is personal and powerful, compelling and convincing:

“The riots are declining. Dormitories are evacuated and in ruins. Examinations are suspended. Students are wounded, not only physically, but very much emotionally and mentally….

I am bitter, sentimentally angry, and dreadfully sad. Monarchists are killing themselves rambling about a new revolution, a protest, an opposition

  • We should do what we have to do.I feel like it’s my duty to tell people of what is actually happening in Iran with everything I find.
    Thanks Mr.Jeff Jarvis as a 15 year old I admire you a lot.

  • mog

    Related sortof, I have received email from an Iranian blogger who blogs in Persian. He is interested in webrings for Iranian bloggers. I am looking for someone who is bilingual who can translate Ringlink into Persian. A combination of blogrolls and webrings in addition to featuring Iranian bloggers in articles may also help the cause. I do run a Ringlink system and also know others who, with the program translated, may be of help.

  • Mog:
    Hoder is your man; he’s the one who brought Persian webloggers onto the web:

  • Hi Jeff. Sherrif of Weblogestan ( is a mechanical engineering student in Tehran (Khajeh Nasir University). He recently began blogging in English (he’s had a separate Persian blog for quite some time). His two or three recent posts (there’s not much more than that yet actually) deal with the protests at his own university.

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