Iran news

Iran news
: Lots of news and updates from Iran, following demonstrations there:

: Winds of Change has a load of links.

: Alireza Doostdar at Persian Blogger Chronicles gives us wonderful translations of blog posts from a student inside the dormitory at the center of the recent demonstrations. Though that witness gives a caveat that he’s just a witness, not a news reporter, it’s closer to the action than anything you can read in the news.

Well! Thank God this night went by ok! Thank God we’re in one piece for now! I was just outside in front of the Kooy’s main gate. Around three hundred students who had mostly covered their faces were sitting on the asphalt or standing around watching. The police folks were also among the students. It was a funny scene! Three or four students had gathered around a decorated officer and were asking for tips on getting accepted into the police academy! …

And these same people were flinging stones at each other until five hours ago!

: Hoder says “the problem is with the constitution and the unlimited power of the leader based on it.”

: Glenn Reynolds points to good news on Reuters.

: The Eyeranian links to lots of pictures of the protests.

: This on

Student demonstrations in Tehran have now continued for a third day. Are they any more likely to shake the regime than previous demonstrations?

The only reason to think they might is that they come at a time of a confluence of events: a heightened conflict between the U.S. and Iran over nuclear proliferation and an ongoing debate within the Bush Administration over possible ways to stimulate regime change in Iran.

: See Steppenwolf‘s commentary from Tehran on the essential problem of any government built on ideology.