Boring conference notes

Boring conference notes
: Jupiter swag report: It sucks. Cheap, generic Jupiter tote bag. I wanted a neat briefcase with a big, red BLOG on it so, someday, people would look and gawk and say, “Wow, you were there when.”

: There was a severe power shortage. I was among those who whined loudly for power cords. The group migrated to electricity like moths to lightbulbs.

: Anil Dash out-blogged me. I went out running and blogged it (below) and as soon as I saw him, he made note of my morning jaunt, which meant that he had read my blog already. He wins.

: Martin Roell is blogging the conference auf Deutsch.

: Bloggers blogging the blog conference auf English:

David Weinberger

Doc Searls

Jason Shellen

Denise Howell

Rafat Ali

See Doc’s list; it’s better than mine.

– Others to come…

: Dave Winer asks: How many people are blogging this?

About a third raise hands.

“Wow,” he says. “I hope you’re saying nice things.”