Anarchy via blog

Anarchy via blog
: Glenn Reynolds writes a TCS column that argues that a wise editor of the NY Times would monitor blogs to find out what they are saying about the paper and, when a correction is warranted, run it. He’s right, of course. But I’d broaden that: The wise editor and reporter and columnist and TV pundit should be reading weblogs and forums to find out what the audience is saying and thinking and to get great story ideas before the competition. It means that you need to be eager to listen to the audience rather than just talk to them — and many people in old media are bad at that.

: Glenn also answers Nick Denton’s provocative post about about weblogs and the Internet as tools of organizational revolt and anarchy, following the New York Times West Side Story rumble.

As a boss myself (OK, management running dog), I will confess that, of course, I fear this. I have visions of a Soviet workers’ council deciding how to build the widget no one will buy. At some point, management has to manage. In the end, the market must decide.

On the other hand, more communication inside will yield less communication outside. It’s a check.

And it’s hardly unprecedented. There are forums that allow students to critque professors.

Nick’s point is right in any case: There’s a trend to watch here. Not sure whether it’s good or bad yet, but it’s rolling.