Reality check

Reality check
: Doc reminds wardancing bloggers:

Let’s face it: Blogs today are still unnecessary and insufficient for electing a damn soul. At best they’ll become necessary but still insufficient.

Winning in elections, like winning in markets, requires something more than conversation, more than buzz. It requires involvement. Relationship. Connecting and reconnecting.

  • …campaign contributions…

  • You mean blogging about Iraq, my stomach flu, and how much I lust after actors young enough to be my son won’t help my favorite candidate get elected? Darn… on to Plan B…

  • phil

    There was a time when barrels of whiskey were necessary to electing damned souls.

  • Why should something fun & useful have to get involved in goddamned elections? I, for one, have absolutely no interest in going from small-readership blog to pointless-bullshit-Sunday-morning political talk show with Sam & Snookie or whatever. I like Doc & his ideas, but I don’t think there’s any want or need (other than among political candidates and other three-toothed whores) for bloggers to become election tools. Those people can go somewhere else. Hell, most likely.

  • I think the assumptions are wrong, anyway. Bloggers are basically opinion mongers/leaders, no more and no less than Krugman, Dowd, Novak, an so on. Some of those may do a bit of digging and actual reporting on their own (Novak in particular) but so do some bloggers.
    Nobody claims that the opinion class elects Presidents on its own. On the other hand, nobody claims it has no effect on elections, either.