One and one makes two

One and one makes two
: So we have another Iraqi blogger in the person of Salam Pax‘ friend G. He tells of going into a neighborhood to search for unauthorized weapons and he’s impressed with the effort, how the Americans are polite and carefully explain and take extra effort not to even look at the women.

to cut the story short they were professionals genteel and culturally sensitive.

But, of course, things get complicated.

i think its an old case as old as Babylon and its called communication, for some reason Allah decided to do his linguistic homework, hokus-pokus and there u go: languages everywhere. 5000 years after that it was up to a short man covered up to his ears with military gadget to save the world.

And in the end:

so after 8 long hours…..

the Americans left, confiscating 6 antiaircraft heavy machine gun bullets form over than 40 houses.

the Iraqis were furiously talking of Americans searching our women, confiscating our protection weapons, and stealing our poor little chickens.

Already, I’m glad there’s a second blogger in Baghdad.