I are not wrong

I are not wrong
: Virginia Postrel tweaked me for using media as a singular noun (and I confessed the sin) but now she has a linguist arguing that media’s grammatica tipping point is/are coming.

  • balbulican

    Not to be pedantic…well, okay, to be pedantic…I take issue with the statement:
    “One is its frequent use as an adjective, e.g., “media bashing.” English adjuectives don’t inflect, so when a noun is used in an adjective slot, it is used in the singular. ”
    By what syntactical convulsion does one conclude that “media” in the example above is being used as an adjuective…pardon me, an adjective?

  • T. Hartin

    I think you mean “media’s grammatical tipping point BE coming.”

  • puce

    Grammar not main thing. Granfather impotent.

  • linsee

    I doubt any native speaker of English would write, “Harvey Weinstein was a medium mogul.”
    No; you’d think, “nothing medium about him.”
    I do apologize to balbulican for the typo, though it has no bearing on the content of the post, but I’d like to know where he/she studied linguistics as different graduate schools favor different theories of syntax.

  • balbulican

    Linda, I am currently completing my Post Doctoral studies in Linguistics at the University of the West Indies Extension Campus in Dangriga, Belize, supporting myself by squid fishing, busking, and editing presentations for my very dear personal friend Mr. C. (you noam, of course?)
    It seems to me that in the phrase “media bashing”, “media” is doing stout duty as a noun, not modifying anything. How do you figure it’s being used as an adjective?