Call me Andrew

Call me Andrew
: Customized Classics lets you take a classic book and change the title and the names of the characters (and even the ending of Romeo and Juliet).

So you can take Moby Dick and rewrite it: I think I’ll buy Sullivan a copy of Moby Howell with Captain Andrew as his bitter pursuer. Intead of Ismael as our narrator, we’ll have Instapundit. And all the drama occurs on Mother Ship Times. [via]

  • Oh jeez, Jeff.. You’re loosing it.. ;)
    And why won’t your comments board remember my personal info? Anyone have any ideas? I have not diabled cookies in any way.. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Okay, last one on this. Granted this hasn’t been up that long, but no one is commenting on it, because no one cares anymore. The Andrew Sullivan bashing here is becoming almost mono-maniacal. Who was supposed to be the captain Ahab figure again?

  • Catherine

    OK Jeff, we get it. You have a bug up your butt about Andrew Sullivan.
    You sound bitter.

  • I think the point about Sully moving from one obsession to the next is well-taken (remember his Krugman/Enron gig?), and you could make a similar point about his evil twin, Josh Marshall. Those boys really need to get some perspective.

  • Catherine

    So don’t read it!
    When Sully goes off on something for days – another one was Rick Santorum – I scan and leave. It’s his blog and he can obsess if he wants to.

  • Funny. And your point is a good one.