On the panel

On the panel
: I’m making a rare conference appearance at next week’s Jupiter Weblog conference.

I’ll be on a panel about weblogs and media with David Shnaider, ex ZDNet and Prodigy; PaidContent‘s Rafat Ali; my former colleage Vin Crosbie; Corante‘s Hylton Joliffe; and Gawker‘s Elizabeth Spiers.

I hope I get a nice swag briefcase out of the deal.

There better be wi-fi.

The speaker’s list is amusing.

In this corner, we have Dave Winer, who sometimes snaps and seems to like to piss off webloggers for sport, and who has declared himself the ayatollah of weblog orthodoxy with an official definition of what makes a weblog. Expect grudgefests.

And in that corner, we have Tony Perkins, who thinks he has a weblog in AlwaysOn, though it doesn’t do anything a weblog does (start with finding good things on the web and linking to them); it’s just a magazine put out by a guy who couldn’t afford to waste paper anymore. I know plenty of people who are loading up their snarkguns for Tony.

Now, of course, neither of these inside-baseball brawls will matter one whit to anybody with a life — and it won’t serve the blogosphere’s interests to dwell on them — but they will be fun to watch.