Wrong side of the blogging bed

Wrong side of the blogging bed
: The normally snarky Dave Winer is supersnarky today, writing:

Amazingly, Glenn Reynolds is still covering the war. Seems like an exercise in futility. In its aftermath, of what use were the warbloggers. A lot of punditry, a lot of furor and outrage, quite a few flames, but what did they actually do other than act important. They got no stories, no new data, they didn’t balance the press, which reported the war as if the US was a petty Third World dictatorship. They didn’t even out the press. Pheh.

Well, Dave, one might say the exact same thing about, say, techbloggers. And it would still be stupid, insulting, and wrong.

Have warbloggers changed the world? No more or less than you, guy.

: Maybe this is what put Winer in a foul mood: His fellow tech people booed him.