Wrong side of the blogging bed

Wrong side of the blogging bed
: The normally snarky Dave Winer is supersnarky today, writing:

Amazingly, Glenn Reynolds is still covering the war. Seems like an exercise in futility. In its aftermath, of what use were the warbloggers. A lot of punditry, a lot of furor and outrage, quite a few flames, but what did they actually do other than act important. They got no stories, no new data, they didn’t balance the press, which reported the war as if the US was a petty Third World dictatorship. They didn’t even out the press. Pheh.

Well, Dave, one might say the exact same thing about, say, techbloggers. And it would still be stupid, insulting, and wrong.

Have warbloggers changed the world? No more or less than you, guy.

: Maybe this is what put Winer in a foul mood: His fellow tech people booed him.

  • John Dowdell

    That comment caught my eye too. There’s also an interesting implicit assumption, the “in the aftermath” belief that removing the Hussein machine was the totality instead of an ongoing series of efforts which started receiving wide awareness at 9/11.
    For effectiveness, the distortions to Wolfowitz this weekend alone would have proven the real and unique value of politically-oriented blogging… propertied media got it wrong, bloggers got it right. (The Command Post effort was another significant single development.)

  • I doubt Winer’s even heard of The Command Post. (That’s at http://www.command-post.org/ for those who don’t know. Lot’s of links and opinion pieces on that dreary war stuff.) He doesn’t seem to be the sharpest bowling ball in the rack about a lot of things — such as what a weblog is: http://brian.carnell.com/articles/2003/05/000040.html.

  • This just confirms … yet again … that there is no more appropriately named person on the web than Dave Winer.

  • Is there a particular reason anybody cares what he says? I honestly don’t say that to be mean… Just whenever somebody points to a quote from him, it’s utterly banal.

  • Winer seems to have been getting into a lot of little disagreements lately. Try this one:

  • mog

    The war in Iraq and indeed the whole Middle East situation just might be the most important news worth covering. And I’d much rather get my info from warbloggers than the liberal media like the NY Times, which has proved it’s worth of late, and yes, The Command Post was most excellent here in that respect.
    Winer’s disagreements seem so insignificant in comparison.

  • It’s always amusing to see Dave hating his own creation. In his political blogging, he acts exactly like the weiner boys he rightly despises for contributing nothing useful to discussions in the software world (such as XML standards).

  • button

    Glenn should tell Dave to talk to Ben Edelman at the Berkman Center about this question. Ben can explain what we’ve been doing and what we have accomplished so far. I don’t want to deal with this.

  • Dave has actually changed some things in intersting ways on the web. He came up with the idea of XML-RPC which many people credit as the start of web services. I am not one of those people.
    Any ways.. Dave’s continous (and on some XML mailing lists some might say wineing) work on it led him to MicroSoft where he help come up with SOAP.
    So Dave has actually contributed to the Tech world but his comments are just silly and inane. I find it interesting and sort of hubbleing that no matter how bright, smart, or witty someone might be they can also still be a complete nim wit in other areas.

  • He’s whining because he was wrong. He was one of the “we’re going to kill millions of iraqi babies and make oil out of their teeny little fingers” crowd.
    OK, I exagerate in that statement above, but he was definitely one of the “we must examine root causes, give peace a chance” crowd.

  • This is Dave’s modus operandi. As someone else said, Winer has actually made some significant contributions, but he insists on pissing away any goodwill he might have by his constant rude behavior that overshadows that.
    This is a guy who was pissed because when you search Google for “weblog”, Scripting.Com doesn’t turn up as one of the top ten results, leading Winer to conclude, “But I’m irked that Scripting News isn’t on the top page when you search for weblog. I think it clearly belongs there. Bottom-line, I think Google’s algorithm is quirky, or the implementation is buggy, or both.”
    Well, sure, if it doesn’t bow to Dave’s ego, it must be a buggy algorithm!

  • benrand

    I wrote him an email criticizing him for his just pathetic screeching in his email column the week after 911…he flipped out big time and started in with the insults that were de rigeur with “enlightened” types in the 60’s. Sorta reminded me of the Peter Kirstein email to the ROTC fellow…replete with inferences that Marines are evil murderers.

  • brett

    Can’t get through to Gillmor’s blog right now.. any other reference to Winer getting booed? Would have loved to have been there for that.

  • As far as Winer and 9/11, look what the idiot wrote on 9/12/2002,

    An event like 9-11 brings us to gather, and events that do that, no matter how much grief they create, are wonderful, rich, powerful, enlivening, and believe it or not, healing. It’s easier to see that one year later. We’ve been through so much, together, we were able to weep for the dead, close the wound, reunite, and move forward.
    . . . In a way 9-11-01 was a gift. It gave us a shared memory, a real one, a heart-reaching one. Yesterday we did normal stuff. But we also paused to reflect and share, to think, to remember.

    Did everyone remember to send their thank you cards to Uncle Osama for his gift?