: Alleged presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich sends a letter to Donald Rumseld demanding that the Defense Department “fully disclose” what happened to Pfc. Jessica Lynch. Noncontroversy. Nonstory. Noncandidate.

UPDATE: Mike G posts this in my comments, explaining to another commenter why this is a nonstory:

What makes this a non-story is where Kucinich enters it in the news cycle:

1) BBC makes outlandish allegation

2) People start refuting obvious errors and biases

3) Nutty LA columnist picks up outlandish allegation

4) Nutty columnist roundly condemned for picking up a story that by now has been thoroughly discredited

5) The world moves on

6) Flowers grow, birds sing, ocean pounds the rocks at the beach

7) New Matrix movie opens

8) People get bored with Matrix movies

9) Look, 2 for 1 on Parmesan cheese at Kroger

10) Guy delusional enough to think he could be president suddenly discovers something he’s delusional enough to think could be his hot issue