Salam Pax interviews

Salam Pax interviews
: I can’t find the comment that tipped me off to this but Boar talked to Salam Pax in Baghdad and here’s his take:

actually, its not just that he’s kind; as his father told me, salam has been doing this at risk of his entire family. his dad didn’t find out about what salam was up to and if, prior to the regime’s fall, the wrong someone had found out, heads would have rolled.

this is part of the reason salam’s a good man; his freedom means something to him. he and i had a chance to talk in the middle of the mobile media empire named The Sheraton Hotel, Baghdad. we were surrounded by the mass media neither of us trusted. it was a good talk. Salam, like Ghaith, is smart, alert, and watching the distant waters of the US for ripples that will, when they break on the borders of iraq, bring problems. and he’s smart enough to be ready for it. and smarter, still, to know how to use this energy to his own benefit.

salam unpacked for me the finer points of using media against imperialism, of what it means to speak iraqi arabic these days, and how important it is that americans take the time to familiarize themselves with cultures that aint theirs (noting that its even more important for non-americans to famliarize themselves with Amerika..)….

: Tekka, an online magazine, also says it has an interview. But you’ll have to pay $50 to see it.

: Salam Pax said on his blog that he did an interview with the Guardian. Haven’t seen it yet. Wonder why.