Salam Pax interviews

Salam Pax interviews
: I can’t find the comment that tipped me off to this but Boar talked to Salam Pax in Baghdad and here’s his take:

actually, its not just that he’s kind; as his father told me, salam has been doing this at risk of his entire family. his dad didn’t find out about what salam was up to and if, prior to the regime’s fall, the wrong someone had found out, heads would have rolled.

this is part of the reason salam’s a good man; his freedom means something to him. he and i had a chance to talk in the middle of the mobile media empire named The Sheraton Hotel, Baghdad. we were surrounded by the mass media neither of us trusted. it was a good talk. Salam, like Ghaith, is smart, alert, and watching the distant waters of the US for ripples that will, when they break on the borders of iraq, bring problems. and he’s smart enough to be ready for it. and smarter, still, to know how to use this energy to his own benefit.

salam unpacked for me the finer points of using media against imperialism, of what it means to speak iraqi arabic these days, and how important it is that americans take the time to familiarize themselves with cultures that aint theirs (noting that its even more important for non-americans to famliarize themselves with Amerika..)….

: Tekka, an online magazine, also says it has an interview. But you’ll have to pay $50 to see it.

: Salam Pax said on his blog that he did an interview with the Guardian. Haven’t seen it yet. Wonder why.

  • Caitlin

    Mark’s account differs from Salam’s in two notable ways.
    Salam says that the meeting was “coincidental.” Mark says that it was set up by “Ghaith”, who I think is the “G” referred to often in Salam’s blog.
    Also Salam’s account doesn’t mention his father being present.
    Mark’s account further puts Salam into perspective. He’s part of a tiny elite that speaks excellent English, so he is naturally the type that Americans will gravitate to.
    Skepticism is in order.

  • mog

    I got it from who was linked by It’s making it’s way around the blogosphere by now and I expect another round of is he or isn’t he. Expect a few comments about Amerika and who’s spelling was it, Salam’s or Mark’s. Doesn’t say who set it up and I question what Mark was doing in Iraq in the middle of a war. He mentioned Fisk whose credibility is a bit lacking and I wonder about anyone who would believe Fisk.

  • MB spent some length of time prowling Boar’s site to get a feel of who was speaking; in his own way, he is JUST as idiosyncratic as Salam Pax! Given that, it is not hard to believe that they were both speaking of the same encounter, just the difference in writing styles.
    Take all of it as just two lovely slices of life in Iraq from the points of two quirky individuals who feel a need to tell others about their individual thoughts.
    One point about Salam’s going along with Raed’s work for CIVIC: CIVIC is not HELPING any Iraqis; they are just accumulating “statistics” and “lists” to further an extreme political anti-American agenda.

  • button

    I’ve had it posted on my blog linked to Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk ever since she posted it.
    I was particularly fascinated by the small worlds / six degrees pattern, so I chose to link to Judith in order to expose her place in the pattern where she showed her linkage to it.
    I have previously discussed on my blog this aspect of the situation.

  • You can read Mark S. Meadows’ ( interview with Salam at

  • The silliness is still ongoing; JunkYard Blog is still nattering away about it, even whilst saying it should be put to rest. What is with all these people with the conspiracy theories, anyway…..arrrrgggggggghh.
    The only thing that does need to be emphasized is that CIVIC is trying to sound so superior about “doing something”, implying that they are ‘helping’ the Iraqis, when all they are doing is collecting “lists” and “statistics” that there are a gazillion ‘casualties’ harmed by those horrible Americans. A pox on them!

  • Theresa

    Salam Pax is an opportunist just like any other who will have his 5 minutes of fame. His early blogs were interesting only in that he was there in the middle of the battlefield. Now, he goes on and on how the Americans don’t understand the Iraqis and how they should learn about their culture. What the hell for? It is a tribal environment with its blood feuds etc. If the Iraqi people want a better life they need to help the Americans, not hinder their every effort. The success or failure of their country is on them. They are getting the same help and rebuild assistance given to the Japanese and germans after WWII. They took the assistance and the rest is history. Iraq has the same opportunity. If they screw it up because they can see past their collective noses, its on them. As for the motives of CIVIC, I