At last

At last
: It took Muslims killing Muslims to bring earnest condemnation and discussion of suicide bombing but at least it is happening. See this at Alt.Muslim:

But the power that suicide bombing brings with it is intoxicating, and as recent attacks in Morocco, Chechnya, and Saudi Arabia have shown, the line between civilian and combatant, Muslim and non-Muslim, has been all but obliterated. (Even Muslims celebrating the Prophet’s birthday in Chechnya found themselves a target.) Now that the carnage of suicide bombing is claiming more Muslim than Western lives, scholars who were silent about (or even approved of) the use of suicide attacks are trying to put the genie back in the bottle. “Bin Laden’s war is not with the US,” said Abdulmuhsin Akkas, a member of the advisory Shura Council. “It is against the Muslims and the Arabs. Bin Laden’s form of Islam is a violent way of life, and the Riyadh bombings showed us that.” Open debates about Wahabbi schools that “breed extremists” appeared in the Arab press. Even jailed leaders of the Egyptian Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya (Muslim Brotherhood) called the recent terror attacks “religious mistakes.” But even a march of hundreds of thousands of Muslims against suicide bombing might not be enough to halt the bloodshed, as the tactic is spreading to new countries, genders, and targets.

Yes, just how will the genie be put back in the bottle? Can it be?

Katie Couris asked former Israeli PM Ehud Barak this morning whether suicide bombing will end even after peace with Palestine; there’s no answer to that, not yet.

It is an evil coming out of the Muslim world today and it can be stopped only by widespread condemnation of the act and its supporters (including, I will repeat, Yasser Arafat). They must be repudiated the way a war criminal is.

Germany was deNazified. Iraq is being deBaathed. The Muslim world must be de-terrorized.

: See this, too:

Al-Azhar, the highest authority in Sunni Islam, warned Monday that Muslim rage does not justify suicide bombings, such as recent deadly ones in Riyadh and Casablanca.

“These savage and blind attacks have terrified the whole Muslim world … and are in clear violation of many Islamic principles,” Al-Azhar’s theological research committee chaired by the institution’s top cleric, Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, said in a statement.

“Taking Muslims’ sentiments of frustration and injustice in other parts of the world” to justify attacks “is erroneous,” the committee said.

It’s a start.

  • lindenen

    I find it sad and pathetic that their sympathy only extends toward themselves. It is a racist war!

  • A

    “But the power that suicide bombing brings with it is intoxicating . . . ”
    these people are more far gone than I even thought

  • Daniel

    It is characteristic of repressive regimes and ideologues of all stripes that the death of “our people” is a tragedy too terrible to contemplate, while the deaths of untold “others” means less than nothing. Any time one sees such a consistent devaluation of human life, regardless of whatever tortured rationale is used to justify such indifference, one should be on guard. It might be human nature to care more about “people like us,” but when this mutates into “who the hell cares about them”, or even worse “I’m happy those bastards are dead, they deserve it,” the potential for violence is imminent.

  • Theresa

    Now, I’m sure, they want to cooperate and have us help them eradicate this evil. All muslim states have blood on their hands. Not a single country in that region can honestly say they haven’t supported the terrorist attacks against the West either through direct support or their silence. And they wonder why most non-muslims think their particular religion is one of violence and intolerance. May they implode and destroy themselves, hopefully sooner than later.