The Dowd diss

The Dowd diss
: Even Gawker is piling on Maureen Dowd:

I find Dowd’s column encouraging on some level because if Maureen Dowd can have a column, anyone can have a column. But I can’t read it without desperately wishing I could have those seconds of my life back immediately afterward.

dowd_new.jpgbrown.jpg: By the way, were Maureen Dowd and Blair Brown separated at birth… or do they just share the same ’80s hairdresser…. or will Brown play Dowd in the movie of the Times? (And that’s your cue, bloggers: cast the Times movie now.

  • Celia Brady

    I find Gawker encouraging on some level, because if a spittle-chinned ditz like Liz Spiers can find an audience on the web, then anyone can…
    oh, wait…

  • Would someone with more free time than I have please steal my idea: it’s called CastingCouchPotato, and it would be a group blog where people cast real and imaginary movies, showing Separated at Birth style pix. I used to own the domain name, but I think it has lapsed.
    Blair Brown was the best Jackie Kennedy ever, but was stuck opposite the chronically too short Martin Sheen. And The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd creators should sue Kelly for turning their idea into that Bulimic Hallucinating Lawyer in Pajamas show. See: my brain won’t even let me call it by its real name.