Outting God

Outting God
: Just as my servers went down this morning, I found this story that I couldn’t blog. Damn, that hurt:

JESUS was gay

  • rose

    The article doesn’t say what school (as in Department of History/Phrenology/Cereology/whatever) conferred the degree. Hmmm…if I were the department chair, I guess I’d ask the paper to keep it quiet, too. And it must say something about my own academic sojourn that the University’s sanction of McCleary’s use of astrology to “support” his work upsets me more than his, uh, “conclusion” itself does. Lawdy.

  • ahhaha
    hes gay
    and i have heard he was also black
    i love that
    jesus was the first rupaul
    too bad im jewish
    i woulda loved this were i chatholic
    you know
    i think back then
    there was a lot more
    sleeping amongst the same sexes
    than folks like to talk about
    but hey
    a bunch of guys out alone
    in tents
    shit happens
    course this also leaves the wives huddled together
    and dont forget back then
    one guy might have ten wives
    and there was no viagra
    so the babes had to do something
    i think i would have gotten more
    action back then
    then i do now
    in the gay east village

  • Caitlin

    And Mary was a lesbian who had the first artificial insemination.

  • Jeremy

    In some apocryphal gospels, it’s Mary Magdalene that is the beloved disciple that gets kissed a lot. They also mention that many of the other disciples were jealous of this, and the theory goes that many of the things about here were changed to John, sort of to try to get her out of the way (along with the rumors about her being a prostitute…)

  • I read in a Jewish Russian magazine the idea that Christopher Columbus was Jewish. (Kinda like this http://www.fortunecity.com/millenium/southwater/113/was_christopher_columbus_jewish.htm) The article ended with “we won’t know until we find his brit malah.” I didn’t know what a brit malah was, so I asked a young lady at an Israeli restaurant. Boy, were we both embarrased when her electronic translater came back and said it was a certificate of circumcision!
    I digress.
    I think there’s a bit of observer bias in the Columbus and Jesus stories.

  • penny

    What a laugh. Anyone citing “astrological charts” as source material for a PhD thesis on Jesus should be sent for a psych evaluation. And just what date did this genius arrive at as Jesus’s birthdate for his astrological charts? As there is no scientific answer, I hope those suckers didn’t pay $51,000 for December 25th.

  • Diana

    Well, it is the University of Queensland.