Virtual Wien

Virtual Wien
: I can’t be at BlogTalk but I can sure read about it. Dave Weinberger has a list of BlogTalk blogs. Heiko Hebig has posts from the scene and pictures aplenty. Der Schockwellenreiter postet (is that the Denglish form of the verb?) auf Deutsch. PapaScott survived the drive. Hoder wowed the crowd with the vitality of Iranian blogs (and by the way, anybody have design work for him?). Martin Roell posted reviews of his talk (he’ll also be at the upcoming Boston weblog conference). Lilia Efimova blogs aplenty. Maria Milonis told the group about weblogs in Poland (where, interestingly, 60 percent are women), reports Oliver Wrede (who has more photos). Here’s live blogging in English und auf Deutsch. More from Azeem Azhar. And Dan Gillmor’s busy.

bloggingthis.jpg: All this needs Project Lafayette to bring it together in one place.

: Martin Roell:

Favourite Quote: “The majority of bloggers feel better after having posted.” Der ganze Saal lacht.

The whole room laughed.

: And here’s the T-shirt they should all be wearing, courtesy of Dienstraum. In fact, all of us should wear them all the time. I sat next to someone the other night who heard me whine when the words “off the record” were used. “You bloggers,” she said, “I have to watch out for you.” Right.