Cartoon mullahs


Cartoon mullahs
: I’ve been remiss not linking to Chris Muir’s Day by Day, the great online cartoon strip; Glenn Reynolds touted it to me long ago. My bad.

Here’s today’s strip making proper hay of Iran’s blog-fearing mullahs (thanks to Pejman).

: And while we’re at it, I have not seen any updates on arrested Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi in sometime. Hoder or Pedram: Please give us the latest.

  • sasan

    as far as i know there is no news here in iran.
    it’s routine for courts to pending such a case for a long time…

  • It’s good that you brought it up. Sina’s blog is still down, his wife’s blog had a post 12 days ago, which was written by Sina, and it stressed out that he was treated fair and legally during his arrest and he also strongly denied BBC’s report that had claimed Sina has been ordered not to talk about how he was treated during his arrest.
    Well, After all the efforts that were made and all the attention others paid to Sina’s arrest, I think it was appropriate to give back to the public by providing some news about him, what really was going on, how he was treated, and also the charges that were brought up against him; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am certain that Hoder has been in touch with Sina due to their personal friendship, and Pedram may have some information about him too; however, I don’t understand and I certainly don’t appreciate the sudden silent that came after his release. Just as people were expected to participate in the efforts for his release, now it’s fair to expect to hear what was really going on.

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