Why us?

Why us?
: Norway asks why it was singled out in a screed from bin Laden’s boy.

  • our unbiased old european press suggests, that the guy at al-qaida simply muddled norway and denmark. this would make sense, as denmark took part in the so-called liberation of iraq, whereas norway hasn’t been involved. but after all, who knows what’s on a terrorist’s mind?

  • sorry, i forgot the links: spiegel online (in german only) or the scotsman.

  • Mike G

    The US, Britain and Australia are on the list because they’re fighting terror. And Norway is on the list because it isn’t.
    You’d think by now the Europeans would understand that “here there is no why.”

  • rem0tly

    Norway makes coalition ammo.
    If you pick up a spent shell most likely it says made in Norway.
    The Norwegian weapons industry exports large amounts of weapons, explosives, components and parts for weapons.
    Two of the biggest recipients of Norwegian weaponry were the US & Australia.
    Norway is in competition with the mid-east for oil sales.
    Only Saudi Arabia exports more oil than Norway.
    It refuses to join the European union!
    Hurray for Norway!

  • This reminds me a bit of Nancy Kerrigan after being assaulted by Tonya Harding’s thugs:
    Why me, er, I mean, why anyone?
    I guess we’ve come a long way since Martin Niemoller.

  • I guess the old trick about standing towards the back towards the center and not making eye contact (to avoid getting picked for anything) doesn’t work for nations.

  • reader

    Why? Because they can.
    Simple as that.