Pax pix

Pax pix
: Thanks to Michelle (in my comments) here’s the address (at an antiwar site) where you can see Salam Pax’ pictures (and also read his latest reports, Blogger being balky right now).

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    I posted a response to David Warren’s article and submitted it to Carnival. Better late than never. I included Needle Nose in the links at the end. I have to go out and do my yard work now. Nice to see Salam’s pix, but anything he does seems to attract some kvetch who finds something to complain about– this time they’ll probably complain about the host for his photos.
    If you have a moment, you can read my Warren piece:
    It’s kind of long.

  • They make no bones about their anti-war slant or their anti-USA slant, but, in all honesty, they were straightforward in publishing Salam’s postings without touching the content in any way. For that they should be thanked, as their site loads ever so much better. If they maintain the same hands-off treatment of any future hosting of Salam’s material, then all is well.

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