Sane v. insane

Sane v. insane
: Today’s edition of ArabNews from Saudi Arabia has moments of helpful sanity and dangerous insanity. First, from an editorial, the sanity:

The real victims of such fanaticism are the Palestinians, whose dreams of freedom are set back even further every time a suicide bomb goes off. The real victims are the Kashmiris, who face increased intransigence from Delhi every time the militants attack. The real victims are ordinary Arabs.

The biggest victim of all is Islam. The actions of the fanatics feed Islamophobia. They send the warped message that Islam is a religion drenched in blood. They must stop. But it is not enough to say that this is the work of a minuscule minority, that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are sickened by these attacks. It is not enough to condemn. It is not even enough to hunt them down and punish them. The world has to see that the cancer threatening the Muslim world is being cut out

  • True… so true..
    Let us all be sane and discover the real threat -fundamentalism. We must get rid of the fundamentalism cancer which has spread in almost every countries of the world. And every country/ every person should contribute in this onslaught against fundamentalists. Otherwise who knows the next suicide bomb may go off at your place. Whoever and whereever you are you can’t runaway. And you call this “living”?

  • Rich Rostrom

    The second Saudi is not just goofy, he’s ignorant. Menachem was a leader of the Irgun, not the Stern Gang. And the Likud is _not_ a ‘religious’ party: the religious parties in Israel are the National Religious Party and United Torah Judaism.

  • Of course the second Saudi is correct, there was never any Islamic or Palestinian fanaticism before Begin began his reign.
    Ma’alot never happened, the Munich Massacre was all propaganda, the wars in 1948 and 1967 never happened. The PLO was just a debating society, not a bunch of murdering terrorists. It’s all the Pope’s, Begin’s, Reagan’s fault