: The Sunday NY Times finally discovers Gawker and its “droll” editrix, Elizabeth Spiers. The story’s good but the picture isn’t (if you want to see what she really looks like, go here… Elizabeth: Tina Brown would have demanded photographer and photo approval).

Note that Elizabeth also became a figure in the New York Post’s coverage of the “snotty private club” Soho House on Friday.

She’s a star. She’s a media fixture. As well she should be.

When you think about it, that’s pretty amazing. It was only a few months ago now that Nick Denton, to his great credit, not only started Gawker but saw that Elizabeth’s voice and view would be perfect for it and so she started snarking. Now big media is paying attention to her. She didn’t start a magazine, didn’t write a book, didn’t star in a TV show or movie, didn’t get arrested, didn’t date a mayor. She blogs.

: Also in the Sunday Times: How to lose friends on your blog.