Banned in Iran

Banned in Iran
: Steppenwolf, a blogger in Tehran, is keeping a list of weblogs banned by the authorities in Iran. Read the post about this and the one below. He is an angry man. Here’s some of what he says:

I am tired of all the bullshit I spent the last 20 YEARS with.

I am tired of this regime.

I am tired of the stupid mullahs who belong to thousands of years ago.

I am tired of Ali Khamenei the one handed and his regime.

I am tired of all these bearded bastards.

I am tired of this country I live in.

I can’t stand it anymore. It’s over.

What else is going to happen?

You wake up and find all your favorite web pages banned.

What else is remaining for me?

You directed all my social activities into my home.

That was all that is remaining for me.

2 rooms, a TV set and a PC.

I was just READING it! Can you understand that?

I was just READING!

I’m talking to YOU! Yes you!

You stupid religious old man!

You mullah! You dumb fanatic!

: And here, my friends, are the authors banned and burned in Nazi Germany. You can’t burn a pixel, but you can ban it and jail its creator. The tyranny is exactly the same.