Sina Motallebi update

Sina Motallebi update
: The case of arrested Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi gets stranger and more frightening. Thanks to Pedram Moallemian, here is the latest:

Iran based (the point) quoted an unnamed judiciary source about the case against Sina Motallebi, Iranian journalist jailed for the content of his weblog. According to him, Sina is one of 5 members of a group involved in production and distribution of “depraved” videos (!).

They include videos of birthday parties, wedding receptions as well as womens swimming pools (!!). He is also charged with making videos of street prostitutes in Tehran, by order of a broadcaster abroad. Furthermore, this “source” has claimed that since some of the prostitutes were shamed by the videos into committing suicide, Sina could face manslaughter charges (!!!).

In what Hoder has labeled “Random Confession Generator”, Sina has already confessed to some of his “crimes” but claimes he wasn’t involved with the video about the street workers.

This is absured, bogus and degenerated enough to have only come out of a judiciary system known for immense corruption and biased resolutions.

Sina is a prisoner of conscience and no amount of rubbish charges, made up confessions or planted

  • So much for muting criticism. With all respect to Sina’s wife, I’m going to send a fresh batch of e-mails to Khatami et al protesting this:
    President Khatami:
    Ambassador to UN:
    Mission to UN:
    Iran interests section, Pakistan Embassy to US:
    Possibly useful, pointed CCs:
    Human Rights Watch:
    UN Human Rights :

  • Good for you Thomas.
    If they get 500 e-mails like yours today, there is no way they can ignore it. Farnaz, Sina’s wife, is rightly concerned about his and only his case. But this is far more important than one case alone.
    If they feel for a minute that they can just go on prosecuting writers this way and the world will turn a blind eye (the way mass media in US has already), they wont even think twice about going after everyone even more easily. Here’s proof this is lareday happening: another writer (Alireza Alavi Tabar) was summoned yesterday. This has to stop.
    Please help us keep the pressure on and if you know anyone working in the larger media outlets and wire services especially, beg them to cover this.

  • Hmmm, he’s busted for porno, so they close down his opinion/editorial content blog. Right. At least in the US they try to make it look like your guilty when they frame you.

  • Uh, what’s your point, Dave?

  • Point is they arrested him for his opinions and shut down his blog. Later the government claimed they had not arrested any journalists, so they trumped up these porno charges. If they arrested him for porn why did they block out his blog? It doesn’t have any credibility, the way I look at it.

  • I don’t think that they are really all that worried about their credibility.

  • Sajah

    What does Glenn Reynolds mean that the mullahs aren’t feared? Of course they are feared. They are feared in Iran, and they are feared enough in the US so that we don’t do the right thing and topple them immediately, no questions asked.
    None of you guys really gets it, do you???
    As for you, Mr. Pedram, why should I give a frig about this Sina character when your type never said a word about those 13 Iranian Jews who were put on trial for “espionage”. Right Pedram??