Sina Motallebi update

Sina Motallebi update
: The case of arrested Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi gets stranger and more frightening. Thanks to Pedram Moallemian, here is the latest:

Iran based (the point) quoted an unnamed judiciary source about the case against Sina Motallebi, Iranian journalist jailed for the content of his weblog. According to him, Sina is one of 5 members of a group involved in production and distribution of “depraved” videos (!).

They include videos of birthday parties, wedding receptions as well as womens swimming pools (!!). He is also charged with making videos of street prostitutes in Tehran, by order of a broadcaster abroad. Furthermore, this “source” has claimed that since some of the prostitutes were shamed by the videos into committing suicide, Sina could face manslaughter charges (!!!).

In what Hoder has labeled “Random Confession Generator”, Sina has already confessed to some of his “crimes” but claimes he wasn’t involved with the video about the street workers.

This is absured, bogus and degenerated enough to have only come out of a judiciary system known for immense corruption and biased resolutions.

Sina is a prisoner of conscience and no amount of rubbish charges, made up confessions or planted