And Janeane Garofalo will sue for not being funny

And Janeane Garofalo will sue for not being funny
: The BBC reports, you decide:

Actor Sean Penn has been given the green light to sue producer Steve Bing for allegedly dropping him from a movie because of his anti-war stance….

He filed the lawsuit in February after accusing Bing of “borrowing a page from the dark era of Hollywood blacklisting”.

But Bing has hit back, saying Penn had stepped over the line by being photographed in Iraq standing in front of pictures of Saddam Hussein as the US prepared to go to war.

The producer said he does not owe Penn “one cent” and that the actor’s anti-war talk was not protected by state labour laws guaranteeing free speech.

“Penn crossed over a bright line into unprotected speech when he publicly advocated the violent overthrow of the United States Government” in a British newspaper article, the lawsuit said.

The motion also accuses Penn of violating “any standard of decency by posing with portraits of Saddam Hussein and meeting with Hussein’s henchman (former Deputy Prime Minister) Tariq Aziz” during his visit to Iraq last December.

By any standard of intelligence, Penn’s an idiot.