Vox Pop

Vox Pop
: Lots of interesting poll nuggets from Gallup:

: Most Americans now believe we are winning the war on terrorism. As of April 22, after the war, 65 percent said we’re winning; before the war, on March 3, only 37 percent said that. So most people bought the connection between Saddam and terrorism? Yup. See this:

: Most Americans say the war in Iraq made the country safer from terrorism. By a 58 to 33 percent margin.

: Americans are still worried about terrorism — and terrorists spreading disease. The level of terror anxiety has not changed. About a third are fretting, roughly the same fret level as before the war — and the same level worried about terrorists spreading a disease.

: Most Americans are no longer willing to give up civil liberties to fight terrorism. This tide shifts. Right after 9.11, it was evenly divided; now its’ 64 to 33 against curtailing liberties. The position is most strongly held on the left. Among Democrats, 74 vs. 21 favor civil liberties (and liberals 80 to 16); among Republicans, it’s 52 to 45.

: The job situation is getting worse. 60 percent know someone who just lost a job, up from 43 percent right before 9.11.

: The economy is not perceived as a disaster. In Bush I’s reign, in 1991, 88 percent said we were in a recession; today, 56 percent say so. Bush I’s disapproval rating on handling the economy was 57 percent; Bush II’s is 45 percent.

So… Things look rosey for Bush and difficult for the democrats. He not only won the war in Iraq, he’s now perceived as winning the war on terrorism (until, of course, the next attack). His father was defeated by the economy, but he’s in better shape (unless, of course, the economy keeps tanking — especially after the next attack).