The final word on Bill Bennett

The final word on Bill Bennett
: From Ken Layne:

Millions of dollars on machines, with no human company beyond the wandering cocktail waitress and the oxygen-tank guy honking quietly a few seats down? That ain’t gambling. That’s masturbation.

  • kkl

    I’m not sure I understand the point of this article. It would have been okay for Bill Bennet to gamble if he would have played blackjack? Hmmm. I ONLY gamble on slot machines (where I don’t have to count, keep track of cards played, etc.) and I never once considered it to be masturbation. The article is a huge what.ever.

  • Mike G

    I would contend that it’s not possible to understand the difference if you only play slots. Go play blackjack for a half hour sometime and see the difference– you’ll be exhausted, not physically but mentally from trying to keep up with a fastpaced game. (And that’s blackjack, which is still essentially mechanical and antisocial compared to, say, poker, which is an actual form of human interaction.) Slots lull you into a stupor where it’s easy to be separated from huge sums of money over a long period. That’s why it resembles certain other forms of solo gratification (specifically the form practiced in places where you have to keep pumping money in to get visual stimulation).

  • Gambling, per se, is not wrong.
    I love blackjack.
    As I told Ken (and said on my own site), I understand why Bill did what he did … alone.
    That said, I love blackjack.