What goes around

What goes around
: Hooman, an Iranian blogger, can’t understand why folks are in a tizzy about us not having found Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction yet: “Hey people what’s the rush? Calm down. You have to give the weapon inspections more time ;)”

  • I happen to think it is a little late to look for WMD in Iraq now. You might like to read about it on my blog: itsjustanotherday.blogspot.com (5/4/2003 10:40:05 PM )

  • Samuel Tai

    There is a chance WMD may never be found, because they were likely spirited out of the country before the shooting started. Remember, the French, Germans, and Russians were sharing their intelligence with Saddam. Thus it is possible Saddam had guesstimates of when the invasion would begin, and used the time we wasted in the UN to his advantage. DEBKA (take with several large grains of salt) reports the bulk was moved to Syria.
    Furthermore, whatever was left may have been successfully removed because the US, Britain, and Australia have too few troops in theatre to properly secure the suspicious sites so far found. (See this story at the Command Post: http://www.command-post.org/archives/006673.html)
    This seems to have been an unforeseen possibility. If we had launched the invasion while the UN was still debating, we may have been able to catch Saddam still holding the bag.

  • Hey Jeff, best comment on the “no WMD found in Iraq” to date. James Taranto back on April 14:

    In the Independent, Andrew Gumbel offers another complaint: As far as we know, coalition forces haven’t yet found any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. “Many influential people . . . have begun to wonder aloud if the weapons exist at all.”

    This is just goofy. Saddam is known to have had such weapons in the 1990s, and U.N. resolutions obliged him to destroy them and account for their destruction. He never offered any such accounting. So in order to doubt that Iraq lacks weapons of mass destruction, you have to believe that Saddam destroyed them and then didn’t bother to tell anyone about it.

    Gumbel’s impatience for weapons of mass destruction is downright infantile. He pounds the table and demands to know why the coalition hasn’t found them and announced it publicly in three weeks–during which time the coalition has been busy waging a military campaign. Weren’t we hearing just a few weeks back that the U.N. inspectors needed many more months to find these weapons? Besides, we haven’t found Saddam Hussein or his sons either. Does that mean they never existed?

    Emphasis mine of course.
    Now that’s damned funny.
    On another topic, what happened to the post that referred the Sun article revealing that one of the two Britsh suicide bombers worked at Heathrow?
    I did a “Technorati anywhere” on the Sun page and Buzz Machine is listed as having linked to the story but I can’t find it on your blog.

  • robert,
    you might find what you’re looking for by clicking here.

  • There is a pretty level headed discussion in the comments section at this link to ‘Canadian or Iranian?’ about not finding WMD in Iraq
    The question I found most thought provoking(remember I’m a simple headed guy):If Saddam didn’t have them why did he act for all the world like he did? Nice Blog, Jeff.