Touchy designers

Touchy designers
: I wish I could use Michele’s excuse:

Obviously, I am working on the site, as I always do when I am PMS.

The blogroll is on hiatus for the day as I weed it out, fix it up and piss some people off.

Such is life.

And if you don’t like the new logo or the tagline or the colors –

Bite Me.

  • I’m a firm believer that men get PMS.
    By the waym did you get my return email? I was having some trouble with Outlook yesterday.

  • Catherine

    Yeah, in my office it’s called “powerful man syndrome.” hehehe
    I don’t make excuses. On that one unbearable day a month when I feel like my insides are being scraped out with a rake, I listen to friends and co-workers say “You look TERRIBLE!PALE!SICK!”, and medicate with a BIIIIGGG glass of wine. And tell everyone to bite me.