Birds of a feather stick together

Birds of a feather stick together
: Andrew Sullivan is so frigging predictable. I stopped reading him through the war. Just tried starting again. But he’s as precitable as Oprah. Boring.

When William Bennett, right-wing moralizer, is questioned for his $8-million gambling habit, Sullivan leaps to the defense of a fellow Republican:

He has done nothing hypocritical. Only in the minds of a few religious fanatics, has he done anything immoral.

Oh, come on. The guy was caught with his pants down and his wallet in them. He preaches moderation as a virtue. Immoderation would then be… oh, what?… a sin?

That wouldn’t be newsworthy in the slightest, Andrew, except that this moralizer preached to all the rest of us what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

Preach in glass houses….