Dumb and dumber

Dumb and dumber
: I’m of the mind that it’s dumb to run boycotts for all the reasons you already know. But it’s even dumber, much dumber, to react to a threatened boycott with big legal muscle. As Glenn Reynolds reports, that’s what has happened: Boycott-Hollywood.us is shutting down because of a threat from William Morris, who would have been far smarter just to let this fade and let free speech flourish. But, hey, that’s Hollywood. I spent many years covering the fools and control freaks there. As my mentor said to me often as we sat up late rewriting stories about those fools, “We hate the stars, Jeff.”

  • Rachel Cohen

    The First Amendment has a secret clause for above the line talent. Honest.
    Got an email addy for William Morris so we humble ticket buyers can annoy them?

  • Main Page of the William Morris Agency:
    CONTACT page:
    Try that and see if it works!!

  • I don’t think NamesDirect/Dotster should have caved like this, and I think people should consider transferring to other registrars. As I read things, if all this was about was BH’s WHOIS record, they should have given them 15 days to correct it. Other than that, they appear to have taken William Morris’ word for any harassment or libel.
    While BH will probably be back under a new domain, and there might have been some merit to WM’s claims, and BH might have violated ND’s TOS, this reeks of a SLAPP suit, and I think it deserves much more attention than it’s so far received.