Tonight’s dilemma

Tonight’s dilemma
: West Wing or Tina Brown? Hmmmm.

  • May

    What??? You don’t have TIVO?

  • Jeff, my faith is shaken: the correct answer is Angel, of course!

  • watchnanwaitin

    I thought you were track down the Iraqi blogger..salem pack or pack of salems or whatever…..I said he was a dupe and everybody trashed me….well where is he? Maybe HE”S hiding the WMD….

  • NHL, actually. With Yankees baseball during the breaks. While blogging…

  • Van der Leun

    Coffee all over my keyboard.
    Funniest one liner on this blog *ever*.

  • Joe

    Well, according to Drudge, if you chose Tina, you’re part of a very exclusive group.