Ambassador Rumsfeld

Ambassador Rumsfeld
: Donald Rumsfeld takes soldiers’ questions in Iraq right now. He’s asked about Iraq and OPEC and starts to answer but then stops himself: “This is diplomacy and I don’t do diplomacy. You may have noticed.”

  • Dara

    Yeah he does oil :-) for him non-oil-related stuff are waste of time…

  • kkl

    Wow, what a thoughtful post, Dara. *Snerk*

  • Richard Webster

    Diplomacy is the State Department’s responsibility.
    Gotta Love Rumsfeld! Defense is not where you want the “touchy-feely-ohh-I-love-ya” people. You don’t have the ballerinas working on garbage trucks.

  • Rumsfeld always kinda reminded me of Cancerman. Absolutely right, though: Good thing he works for the DoD and not for Child Welfare.