The Persian bridge

The Persian bridge
: Hoder (does he need an introduction? he’s the Persian blogging pioneer who has been reporting on the arrest of Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi) writes about this very blog today. It’s on his Persian blog — so I have no idea what he said — but you can see the headline in English here: “Jeff Jarvis is trying to bridge between Iranian and American blogosphere in his BuzzMachine” or “ديالوگ بين بلاگستان ايرانی و آمريکايی ”

To Hoder’s many readers: Welcome!

: Thanks to Sobh in the comments, here’s a translation:

He says: Jeff Jarvis is one of famous webloggers/journalists of English blogland. He’s got concerned to Persian weblogs after Sina’s arrest (some may say he is a spy of CIA!) and in his weblog named Buzz Machine, is making a dialog, as he says, between Persian and English blogland by pursuing English Iranian blogs. For example yesterday he made a permanent section in his weblog for links to Iranian weblogs and listed some most active ones in it. Except that, he is continually quoting from some interesting Iranian weblogs. (I wish there were more Iranian weblogs, getting updated from inside Iran.) Jarvis has launched Entertainment Weekley and some other magazines before and now is running

Spy? I’m sure he’s just joking but it would improve my image and explain lots of mysterious behavior.

: Just so we’re clear, I know that Hoder was joking and I loved the joke. I don’t want anything to be gained or lost in the translation here…