: There was a lot of wailing and nashing at the arrest of an Intel employee, Maher Hawash, as if this was some obvious act of the big fascist state. I said nothing because I have at least enough faith in our system to believe that there had to be some reason to hold the guy and if not, the truth — or at least the questions — would emerge. Well, he was just charged with aiding al-Queda and the Taliban. I don’t care if he had a respectable software job. If he helped our enemy, he is our enemy. If he helped terrorists, he is a terrorist. And he will receive a fair trial. [via Instapundit]

  • Troutgirl

    Is it constitutional for the Federal government to detain citizens indefinitely as “material witnesses” without accusing them of any crime? Of course this allows the government to put an unusual amount of pressure on the detained “witness”. In ordinary criminal cases, the police are in trouble if they detain a “witness” for more than 48 hours without charge, even if the person is a flight risk… so why should the standard for the Federal government be so much looser? My understanding is that many well-informed legal scholars are troubled by such constitutional questions. I’m not standing up for Hawash as a software engineer, a family man, or a non-terrorist — I’m standing up for him as a citizen of the United States who should still receive all the protections of our Constitution.

  • Van der Leun

    Sounds to me like he’s getting them.

  • 911 Victim

    I understand Hawash saw lawyer his first day of detainment and had several visits with his family.
    I think Hawash has some powerful friends spreading a lot of distortions about the real facts. Notice people are not making so much noise anymore.
    The evidence against him is damning.
    He is sure getting more due process and justice than the over 3000 souls who were murdered without any mercy.
    Look at the recent bearded photo of him and you can see why his neighbors were afraid of him.
    I think he is laughing at all the infidels defending him and I bet he laughed for joy when those Towers came down !
    I feel free and safe having him behind bars.
    Anyone remember we are at war and it is on our doorstep in our Motherland this time. God Bless America !