Who rules

Who rules
: This from the Reuters pool report on the meeting on the future of Iraq going on now:

There are clear differences among Iraqis on what role the United States should play, delegates say.

Some (mostly non-exiiles) want the Americans to have a direct role in the interim period to prepare for elections, because they don’t trust each other.

Others (mainly exiles) say only Iraqis should rule Iraq and the US should have less influence in the interim period.

Mustapha Qazwin, who lives in the United States, a sheikh and a doctor, said: “We are having healthy discussions between people inside Iraq and who were outside Iraq. This is a democratic process and we are still debating the best route forward.”

Suheil al-Suheil, a Baghdad lawyer, said: “There are differences over the role of the Americans. We here prefer the Americans to rule us in the interim period.”

Asked why, he said: “We are not ready to handle this yet. Saddam’s orphans are still alive.”

The nonexiles are the ones who are living the reality of Iraq.