Persian v. Arab weblogs

Persian v. Arab weblogs
: Nima Arian (a commenter, below) points me to a post by Salam Pax expressing his jealousy over Iranian/Persian weblogs:

I am really jealous.

The First Persian Top Weblogs Competition

this blog won the second prize for blog design it has a a picture of an oriental tea glass. istikan chai dear?

when are we arabs going to have something like that? and why have persians taken to blogging so easily than arabs? why isn’t there a single arabic weblog? why?why?why?

Salam’s own will, I hope, be the first of many.

And Kurds and Turks and Jordanians and Palestinians and Saudis and on and on…

  • Falcon

    Kurds are Persian, not another different race.

  • Ramin

    Actualy,Persians are Kurd !

  • dc

    Don’t know precisely where this fits in, but I just found it on Blogger’s just-updated list:
    Life In Iran blog.
    There are only two posts so far, but it’s pretty interesting stuff.

  • well i dont wane say anything that sound like discrimination but i! as a persian girl think that the reason im suffering right now is all because of arabs! i dont like them! i dont like nmost of them u wanne call me racism? go ahead and do that! i dont care! Arabs destroyed my country! they destroyed my culture and mixed it with their …(biiiiib) culture! a culture in which having a girl was shame!
    i hate them bc of all they did 2 my country, my people, my culture and….
    u knwo the answear of that question is so easy!arabs r not as smart as persians! dear salam or sampax or whoever u r! listen and never forget that i! a persian girl will always know arabs as violant people with biiiiiiiiiiig and hugeeeeeeeeeee….(biiiiiiiib)
    well i think im getting 22222222 racism here!
    better go!
    a persian girl!

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  • Diana

    Persian girl: what’s …(biiiiib) culture??

  • adba

    I think by “biiiib” she means “penis”!!!!
    (sorry for the language)

  • Diana


  • Diana

    I got the “Sampax” allusion, though….

  • My guess is that the Iranians are more educated than their neighbor Arabs. I have seen Iranian students travelling to countries like Bangladesh to get higher education and then ofcourse going back to their own country. And so their minds are open wide resulting to creating vents and they usually do not have narrow views (religiously driven) like their neighbors.