: A British scientist warns that a billion people worldwide could be infected with SARS by year’s end — more than are infected with AIDS (though SARS is not as fatal).

  • hey jeff
    speaking of scary shit
    have you been following this
    senator SATAN-orum crap
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  • Carson

    Where was this? I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Would you mind posting the link? Thanks.

  • It is hard to imagine a scenario where SARS does not spread to the global population given how communicable it is, assuming no wide-spread vaccination or cure becomes available. I feel like all the precautions being take are absolutely necessary, but will only slow the process. And saying it is less fatal than AIDS doesn’t take into account how much, much easier it is to catch SARS.
    My wife said she saw that they were revising the fatality of SARS upward from 4% to 6%. So if it does get out into the global population simple math says to expect 17 million deaths in the US, 377 million globally. Approximately 25 million globally have died from AIDS since inception, for a horrific comparison.
    There is nothing pretty about pestilence.