: Last night, as I reported, George Bush joked with Tom Brokaw that he wouldn’t be inviting Jacques Chirac to his ranch anytime soon. Now the Independent is getting all huffy about this and so is Buzzflash:

A New Low for America. Bush Takes This Country’s Diplomacy Into the Gutter. He Will “Punish” France. Bush Publicly Boasts That He Won’t Invite Chirac to His Ranch. It Is Way Past Time for Impeachment. But First, Give Bush His Rattle Back.

.IT WAS A JOKE, YOU TONE DEAF IDIOT! Granted, the guy’s no David Letterman, but even I could hear the twang of irony.

When did the left lose its sense of humor, ferchrissakes?

And besides, who’d want to go to Bush’s dust heap in the middle of nowhere? Certainly not a Frenchman. There isn’t an oyster within 900 miles.