: Last night, as I reported, George Bush joked with Tom Brokaw that he wouldn’t be inviting Jacques Chirac to his ranch anytime soon. Now the Independent is getting all huffy about this and so is Buzzflash:

A New Low for America. Bush Takes This Country’s Diplomacy Into the Gutter. He Will “Punish” France. Bush Publicly Boasts That He Won’t Invite Chirac to His Ranch. It Is Way Past Time for Impeachment. But First, Give Bush His Rattle Back.

.IT WAS A JOKE, YOU TONE DEAF IDIOT! Granted, the guy’s no David Letterman, but even I could hear the twang of irony.

When did the left lose its sense of humor, ferchrissakes?

And besides, who’d want to go to Bush’s dust heap in the middle of nowhere? Certainly not a Frenchman. There isn’t an oyster within 900 miles.

  • I love it w/ indignation sounds like a 6-year-old throwing a fit. “Fine, I didn’t want to go anyways!”

  • Jimmy

    I happen to agree with your sentiment, but I find that my own ability to accept humor is limited these days. Everytime I hear a French joke, a Dixie Chick joke, or even a Saddam joke I just roll my eyes and move on. We just beat a dead horse — or is it Frenchman? — to death anymore. There are many reasons to dislike Brokaw’s boring interview with Bush, but silly jokes are not one of them.

  • Hey Jarvis, there’s plenty of fine dining down here in South Texas, and yes, even fresh oysters, well within the 900 mile range. You silly Easterners think you have Texas all figgered out, nothing but tumbling weeds, armadillos, gun crazed guys in pickups (well, that’s true to a certain extent) and not a latte or capuchino to be had. As far as letting “the pond scum that walks” Chirac in down here without a little in his face mooning and some rigid digits thrown in, it just wouldn’t be right not to let him know what some of us think of him and the rest of his raghead appeasing snake farts.

  • I think I lost my sense of humor toward the President when he chose to ignore the pleas from around the world to kill innocent people to capture no one.
    There is nothing funny about this man, his regime puts the spin on everything…why should some one spin him.
    The left? How outdated…aren’t we ready for loyal and unloyal by now…

  • Bwahahaah! You guys are way funnier than the president. Oh wait — you were serious?

  • I believe Crawford is about 100 miles from Austin. Right outside of Austin is a 4-star restaurant called Hudson’s on the Bend, and they do have frog’s legs. Rattlesnake cakes too.

  • rem0tly

    Do you mean the Independant is a real news paper? I thought it was the British version of the Onion.

  • Chris K

    Well, it would be a joke if he didn’t mean it. But he did mean it. It’s a policy statement.