Anonymous blogging in cases of danger

Anonymous blogging in cases of danger
: I’m not generally in favor of anonymous blogging. What makes blogs so good is that people are willing to put their names and reputations behinds them. But there are plenty of circumstances in which anonymity are required for safety — take, for example Iran, where Sina Motallebi was arrested.

Pierce Wetter suggests some standards that would allow bloggers and their readers to keep their identities hidden from the mullahs.

And, voila!, here I see [via Rollberg] Invisiblog, which lets you publish a blog that’s untraceable.

See also Mixmaster for anonymous email (misused by spammers but handy here). [via]

Have at it, Iranians! And Cubans. And Saudis. And Chinese….

  • Have at it, Iranians! And Cubans. And Saudis. And Chinese….
    and americans, since under patriot act they can be held in detention for virtually any reason…

  • Nima

    Is there any Saudi blogger, blogging from Saudi Arabia?
    I haven’t heard of any.

  • button

    Nima, if I tell you, I am concerned that I could endanger that blogger in some way. You know that KSA is a sensitive situation. There is a young teenage girl of another ethnicity who lives there with her family who blogs occasionally. I accidentally tripped over her one day while surfing around and following links to unknown destinations.
    Jeff, this naive inquiry reminds me of a comment left on Jason Shellen’s blog by a young ethnic East Indian fellow. He was very pleased about Blogspot providing him with an inside look into Iraq with Salam Pax. So now he’s asking Jason if Jason could provide him with a similar blog from Burma or Tibet. He doesn’t want much, right?! Eeeek!!!