Political correctness knows many authors

Political correctness knows many authors
: Now this is beatiful: Sen. Sanctimonious has pissed off not only gays and reasonable Americans, he has also pissed off polygamists for lumping them in with adulterers and gays.

  • Comments like Santorum’s have a way of offending everyone:

  • Pyecraft

    He surely would object to his being lumped together with such humour.

  • patrick

    note to republicans:
    THIS is how you alienate independents.

  • John Anderson

    The “slippery slope” is a real concern, but this guy is well over the top. I certainly hope his views sink into the bog whence they came: maybe he could follow Newt the lizard into contract work for the government far from the levers of power…

  • I’m probably the only one who thinks Santorum’s right.
    I don’t approve of sodomy laws. But the S.C. has no business forcing its personal moral views on the rest of the country–which is what it would be doing if it struck down such laws.
    These things belong to the legislative process. Isn’t that what democracy’s for?
    If you find a law odious, you don’t run off to the courts to annul it just because you find it distasteful. This habit we have of expecting judges to do the heavy lifting instead of democratic action is really quite deplorable.
    And yes, if the S.C. strikes this law down, it will probably have the same effect on most other laws regarding sexual behavior.
    Which is fine if that’s what you want to argue for. I’ll probably agree with you. But what is with this urge to have the S.C. ram your personal moral views on such things down everyone else’s throats, usurping democracy in the process?
    And why are people who make these obvious arguments jerkwads to say that?

  • Diane Borger

    No, no, no. Get a grip. As a Pennsylvanian, I’ve been wondering how this (in my opinion) shallow, insincere man has risen to his current position. Sexual freedom, in this regard, is absolutely a given right. Said by a hetero mother of two. Santorum is wasting valuable breath, speech and time once again. I am dismayed by his position, as always.