: Every morning, I check out my Technorati link cosmos to find out who’s linking to me and what they’re saying. This, after all, is the true dialogue, the real community among weblogs. It’s not just in the email, it’s not just in the comments (though I love them), it’s really in the links. I’ll admit to a little snobbery: I first look at the links that come from sites that themselves have lots of incoming links; it’s link juice. But I also look at the lonely voices in the woods who have no links. A few stops on my tour this morning:

: Page 3 Girls (got your attention?) says, regarding the arrest of Sina Motallebi:

Mr. Motallebi … is in jail in Iran because he did what Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Janeane Garofalo, Michael Moore, Martin Sheen, Ed Asner, Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda and one-third of the Dixie Chicks can do in the United States with complete freedom and protection from the law (despite their contentions to the contrary): Expressed an opinion about the government. The conditions Motallebi now endures are completely unlike those faced by anti-war protestors whose contrived acts of civil disobedience get them temporarily thrown in some local lockup.

: On the news below that his paper is going to start charging for reading Robert Fisk, Dustbury wonders:

Actually, if The Independent really wants to make some serious cash, what they should do is register Robert Fisk’s name as a trademark, and then demand royalties every time a blogger Fisks

  • It’s all about the links, baby. :-)
    Thnks for the Technorati plug. Let us know how we can serve you better! send us email at [email protected].
    Great blog, keep up the good work!

  • Charles at Dustbury is a genius. I state that because he is, and because his suggestion about ‘Fisking royalties’ matches my ScrappleFace story from October 2002.
    Our tremendous crania vibrate in harmonious synchronicity.

  • Deb

    You have inspired me to a new goal: to one day say something interesting enough to earn a link like the ones in this post. :-)