What, no Taco Bell?

What, no Taco Bell?
: Yes, evil Americanism spreads to Baghdad. Burger King and Pizza Hut have opened there. But it was the British who brought them. [via Ryan Pitts]

  • Pyecraft

    Puce now is Yankee pig-fat lock-up childs evil Blair witch.

  • British cosine evan more groser as USAs, also SHUTUP PYCRAFT

  • Danjo

    Pyecraft is manager of King of Burgers, puce is only unloader of frozen french fry truck in middle of night. Die Ronald McDonald, you yankee imperialist cow killer. Dave Thomas is kept frozen in an Ohio Wendys. Hamburglar steal my heart, now only love Sonic onion rings.
    (wow, I feel better now. puce is on to a new form of therapy. The fast food rant and false memory syndrome. LONG LIVE PUCE!)

  • stevy

    Klatu, Puce. Barada Nikto. Imperialist Yankee Wiener Dogs! Die, vile eaters of the Krispy Kreme!

  • Dark Avenger

    “The clouded mind sees nothing.”

  • Pyecraft

    Pigs trotters, offal, tripe and black pudding, ya puke.

  • Cannibals

    We find that english people taste just like americans. french are very greasy and cause much gas.
    Cannibals, never met a person we didn’t like, we mean that literally.
    PS: pass the hand please