: Two men are arrested videotaping the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and are found to have dynamite and shotgun shells in their car.

The first question you want to ask isn’t answered in many of the stories I found; it is in this one: Yes, they are Arab-American. Sadly, it matters.

  • button

    At least they’re not from Paterson.

  • Big Lou from Brooklyn

    Police were evaluating whether further charges should be brought against the men for carrying two quarter-sticks of dynamite, which are comparable to M-80 firecrackers, Najor said.

    They were carrying two M-80’s. Idiots. Not that they can do anything with two M-80’s other than dent a street sign or blow their fingers off. And for two lousy firecrackers they got a whole city tensed up and will probably be answering questions from the FBI for days. I don’t know if this is ‘terrorism’ in the abstract sense of the word or just two guys doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • joatmoaf

    Yeah,I`m sure they were just sightseeing with a camera and recorder,M-80s,shotgun shells,collapsable baton at 10 o`clock at night.If they are visitors I ask,what the hell are they doing with M-80s?So you can`t really do much damage with them that`s not the point.Too suspicious to call a coinkidink.I say investigate them thoroughly and charge them according to the findings,and don`t let”political correctness”get in the way.

  • Pyecraft

    You sure they weren’t Arab-Canadian terrorists, out testing the water?

  • Jack Tanner

    ‘I don’t know if this is ‘terrorism’…just two guys doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time.’
    What’s the difference?